SUPER MARKET brings together artists and collectives to ply their superfluous wares in exchange for offerings from the public. By relying upon barter (the original method of consumption) and excluding currency, SUPER MARKET is an invitation to engage directly with the process of trade and negotiation. Bring along whatever you have to offer – it could be an unwanted object or a valuable skill, a bad idea or a good intention – and swap it for something new.

Participating artists were: Adam Cruickshank, Agents of Proximity, As You Were Saying, A Constructed World, Damp, Dell Stewart, Geoff Newton, Grant Nimmo, Greatest Hits, Hotham Street Ladies, Jessica McElhinney & Jarrod Zlatic, Kate Smith, Kay Abude, Kiah GM, Moop Jaw (Antuong Nguyen & Warran Wright), People Collective, Safari Team, Sibling and The Telepathy Project.

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This event was part of an event series running alongside Always Moving (A performance laboratory in several parts), a group exhibition curated by Jared Davis. Always Moving was shown at Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces (GCAS) from 18 June – 17 July 2010 in the front and main galleries.

SUPER MARKET was curated by Kim Brockett and took place on Saturday 3 July from 11am to 4pm at GCAS.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Proposition #1 - Grant Nimmo


built on strong foundations, 2010, drawing


5 minutes of fame, 2010, drawing

"I will be offering 2 drawings amongst many other things including silkscreens, paintings, ceramic long neck stubby holders and a small mug with a really big handle. They will be available to trade for other things I need in my life that aren’t art. Here are the items I shall be trading for that i feel are essential to help me with my living:

1. Heavy metal vinyls (1977-1987) 12″ 10″ 7″.
2. Home made lemonade (fresh, not store bought). Just simple, no quirky recipes.
3. Home made knitted scarves for men.

"If you have any of these items or others you feel may be useful to me, you should come to Gertrude St on July 3 and make trade."

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