SUPER MARKET brings together artists and collectives to ply their superfluous wares in exchange for offerings from the public. By relying upon barter (the original method of consumption) and excluding currency, SUPER MARKET is an invitation to engage directly with the process of trade and negotiation. Bring along whatever you have to offer – it could be an unwanted object or a valuable skill, a bad idea or a good intention – and swap it for something new.

Participating artists were: Adam Cruickshank, Agents of Proximity, As You Were Saying, A Constructed World, Damp, Dell Stewart, Geoff Newton, Grant Nimmo, Greatest Hits, Hotham Street Ladies, Jessica McElhinney & Jarrod Zlatic, Kate Smith, Kay Abude, Kiah GM, Moop Jaw (Antuong Nguyen & Warran Wright), People Collective, Safari Team, Sibling and The Telepathy Project.

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This event was part of an event series running alongside Always Moving (A performance laboratory in several parts), a group exhibition curated by Jared Davis. Always Moving was shown at Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces (GCAS) from 18 June – 17 July 2010 in the front and main galleries.

SUPER MARKET was curated by Kim Brockett and took place on Saturday 3 July from 11am to 4pm at GCAS.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

About the artists

Adam Cruickshank is a multidisciplinary artist. His most recent solo exhibitions are Reverse Cargo at Craft Victoria (22 Jan - 5 March 2010) and Domestic Death Rattle at West Space (4 - 26 June 2010).

Agents of Proximity are Tori Stead and Amy Spiers. The duo debuted in 2008 at Next Wave festival with their Brunswick-based travel service that operated from a coin laundry.

As You Were Saying is a collective of three artists: Claire Best, Jessica Crowe & Melissa Deerson who gather quotes overheard in public spaces.

A Constructed World are Geoff Lowe and Jacqueline Riva. Recent activity in 2010 include Speech and What Archive, 'Melbourne Flottante' at Y3K Gallery and Explaining contemporary art to live eels #6 at Villa Arson in Nice, France.

Damp consists of an ever-changing number of individuals. In early 2010 Damp took part in the 6th Asia-Pacific Triennial where they showed Plinth Cubby. They currently have a studio at Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces.

Dell Stewart works across a multitude of craft mediums. Exhibitions in 2010 include Triangle with Andrea Eckersley at Craft Victoria (29 April to 12 June) and The High Life with Adam Cruickshank at Rooftop Bar (curated by West Space and part of the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival, 12 - 23 March).

Geoff Newton is a painter and co-founder of commercial gallery Neon Parc (alongside Tristan Koenig). He currently has a studio at Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces.

Grant Nimmo is a painter. His most recent body of work was shown at Anna Pappas Gallery in a solo exhibition titled If you are a big axe, we are a small tree (14 April - 8 May 2010).

Greatest Hits comprises of Gavin Bell, Jarrah de Kuijer and Simon McGlinn. Recent solo exhibitions include Faux Thrills at CCP (21 May - 18 July 2010) and an upcoming show at The Narrows in late 2010.

Hotham Street Ladies are Molly, Lyndal, Sarah, Cass and Caroline. They make food-related work and in 2010 they were part of The High Life with Natasha Frisch at Sarti Bar Restaurant & Bar (curated by West Space and part of the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival, 12 - 23 March).


Jessica McElhinney works with video and installation. Recent exhibitions in 2010 include solo exhibition HOME TIME which was shown at TCB (7 - 24 April) and Home with Myra McElhinney at RMIT's First Site Gallery (13 - 24 April).

Jarrod Zlatic is mostly a musician, playing in Fabulous Diamonds alongside Nisa Venerosa and Freechoice Duo with Jessica McElhinney.

Kate Smith mostly works with painting and is currently a studio resident at Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces. In 2010 she has a solo show monkey make a paintings at Y3K Gallery (19 June - 10 July).


Kay Abude is currently undertaking a Master of Fine Art (by research) at VCA. She was recently part of the group exhibition Great Heights 2: Floating above shadows, moored beneath clouds which was part of the 2010 Next Wave Festival.

Kiah GM has exhibited at Utopian Slumps, Don't Come Gallery, Meyer's Place and Joint Hassles. In 2010 She was part of group exhibition Insert Coin Here (curated by Nella Themelios & Kim Brockett, part of the L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, 1 - 31 March)

Antuong and Warran are part of art and design collective Moop Jaw. Their works have shown both nationally and internationally. Recent clients include XL Records, Kitsune and Ivy League.

People Collective is a collaborative partnership of Aaron Moodie and Colin Trechter which began in 2008. Their most recent design projects in 2010 include Next Wave and the Emerging Writers Festival.

Safari Team consist of Blaine Cooper, Lilian O'Neil and Jon Oldmeadow. The collective formed in 2005 and have most recently exhibited public artwork Evolution Videowall outside the ArtPlay building on Birrarung Marr (part of 2010 Next Wave Festival).

Sibling is a collective of eight architects and designers from diverse backgrounds such as visual communication, landscape urbanism, architecture and cultural analysis. Clients include Utopian Slumps, The Thousands Shop and Y3K Gallery.

The Telepathy Project are Veronica Kent and Sean Peoples. Formed in 2005, the duo's most recent exhibition was Once More With Feeling, a group exhibition curated by Meredith Turnbull and shown at VCA's Margaret Lawrence Gallery (24 April - 23 May 2009).

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  1. DAMP were on Artscape at APT6.